Introducing MetaBoards: The Next Level of Blockchain Gaming on Arbitrum Nova


MetaBoards, a blockchain gaming company under the umbrella of Pocket, is excited to announce our official launch on June 12th, 2023. We are consolidating all existing projects into a single token, mPCKT, to streamline the gaming experience for our users.

Why Arbitrum Nova?

We chose the Arbitrum Nova blockchain due to its superior processing speed, low gas costs, and perfect fit for the gaming industry. This advanced technology will enhance the overall experience for our players.

Important Dates and Information:

Staking for all projects will be disabled two weeks from today’s announcement — May 3rd 2023.

Our marketing campaign will begin in May, targeting both the Arbitrum gaming crowd and the Ethereum community.

Fair Launch Strategy:

In a unique approach to launching, we will allow bots to participate with very high taxes. This strategy will help fill the Total Value Locked (TVL) and the Liquidity Pool (LP), benefiting the entire ecosystem. We encourage existing holders and those interested in joining our community to hold off until the bot trading is completed.

Linear Vesting and Game Activation:

We will implement a linear vesting period with daily unlocking for existing holders migrating from our other projects. Once the initial buying and selling phase concludes, we will turn on the game for our eager players to enjoy.


NFTs are a core part of our gameplay experience — and ALL previously minted NFTs will be migrated and reissued for use in our new ecosystem. You’ve collected over 20,000 NFTs collectively, and we assure you that each and every one of them will maintain their functionality!

Stay connected with MetaBoards as we revolutionize the world of blockchain gaming. We look forward to sharing more updates and developments with our growing community. Game on! 🎮

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