Memenopoly + Pocket… Game On!


We are excited to announce the merger of Pocket, LLC. ($PCKT) and Memenopoly ($MNOP). This is one of the first, if not *the* first, project mergers in the BSC space. While details are currently being finalized, both projects couldn’t be more thrilled to share this momentous endeavor with their respective communities. We believe this partnership will lead to tremendous growth and opportunities for the development of both projects’ shared vision.

Mr. D, the developer and founder of Memenopoly will be filling the role of Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for Pocket, LLC. Having already produced a fully functional and revenue-generating play to earn (p2e) game, an NFT sales platform, and numerous other key technical developments, we will have the framework in place to truly revolutionize the play to earn and NFT space. Partnering with Pocket breathes new into the current Memenopoly product, which will now have the support of the full Pocket Core Team to propel it forward.

Pocket LLC., recently rebranded from Pocket Doge, currently offers a p2e game for its investors with another game under development. Pocket is a recognized company in the BSC world for its transparent and innovative team, focus on investor security and the arts, and a vibrant, friendly international community.

Please stay tuned as we release more information in the days and weeks to come. We look forward to a successful partnership and welcome you along for the ride.



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