MetaBoards is coming. Cross chain. And unstoppable.

Those who were around for the original iteration of Memenopoly (now MetaBoards) will remember it as the very first Monopoly-like boardgame on the blockchain. They remember rolling the dice every day. They have purchased millions of dollars worth of NFTs (the spaces on the board). They’ve sold duplicates on the secondary market for 100x their investment, and they’ve made their investment back and beyond just in rent payments and NFT farming alone.

But now it’s time for a new era. It’s time for MetaBoards. With a mobile first approach, fully immersive (and optional) VR experience, and hundreds of ways to play and earn, this 30+ contract game is the most extensive, unique, fun, and rewarding game out there. We hesitate to call it P2E as this is a new paradigm in the blockchain gaming space. Take a look below for just a few examples of some of the things we’re most excited about. We’re getting close to game time and we can’t wait to see you there!

Up first, The Vault — a brand new way to earn.

Not enough yet?

Okay, we can give you juuuust a bit more.
Up next, the migration process — and, as is our theme, yet another way to earn.

Pretty cool, right? But we can still do more!

Finally, a well curated menu, designed to tantalize all orders of taste.

And this is just a small preview of everything baked into the game. We hope you like what you see so far and we can’t wait to show you the rest. Presale is coming soon!

Game On!



MetaBoards - redefining blockchain gaming

Experience the evolution of blockchain gaming in a fully immersive VR world. Roll the dice, randomized by Chainlink's VRF.