Pre-Launch Changes to Memenopoly


We’v made a few adjustments to counter the NFT yield farm producing too much yield and made rolling a required step in staking/unstaking NFTs. We also wanted to have a cheaper pack in the store to allow more people to participate.


- NFT Yield Farms were generating too much yield
- Daily MNOP/Card rewards reduced
- Full Set bonus increased
- You must have rolled to stake/unstake NFTs or harvest in the NFT farm.
- 1 additional Distro pack for the cheapskates! 0.25 BNB, 62.5 MNOP + 1 NFT

NFT Farms

Sometimes you have to make some tough decisions. We want Memenopoly to be as fair as possible and still reward our players. After months of testing and tweaking and testing again we are now leading up to our first full mainnet launch. After looking back at all the data from testing and computing some numberwang, we have decided the NFT farm yields need to be adjusted and extra incentive to play the game needed to be added.

Changing anything is painful to us right now, but we see this as an important change that will extend the longevity of the game and we are better off making adjustments before launch rather than after.

The goal is to avoid as much inflation as possible and make the game play a critical part of the experience! We have no doubt the end result will be a much better and more profitable experience for all of our players!

The main issues we’re facing

1) Total generation was too high, there was the potential for way too much MNOP to be generated by people that have never even played the game.

2) We want to incentivize game play first and foremost. With no direct reason you need to play, the reward of rolling may not be worth the risk depending on the amount of NFTs staked.

To counter this, we are making 2 changes

1) Reward numbers changes:

  • We’ve reduced the daily MNOP yield in half for all Properties. Rockets will be 15 instead of 25, and players will be 3 instead of 5.
  • We’ve increased all full set bonuses by 1.5x

The results will be a lower yield for incomplete sets and a much higher incentive to complete a set.

2) Players only!

Similar to how you must have rolled to claim your rent, you will now have to have rolled in the last 24 hours to stake, unstake or harvest rewards from the NFT farms. Unlike rent, nothing is burned or lost and your rewards will accumulate as normal, But, to make changes to your collection or claim your rewards, you have to be an active player. Once you roll, you can claim/unstake/stake as much as you’d like for 24 hours, so if you always roll at least once a day, which you need to do to collect rent anyways, you wouldn’t even notice this feature!. But if you come back in a month, you just have to roll once to do everything you need and claim your stack of MNOP. As soon as your roll is in progress, everything is unlocked.

You can always emergency unstake at any time to get your NFTs back and forfeit MNOP rewards, we don’t want to hold your properties hostage, we just want you to participate in the core of what we’ve built!

LP Farms and LP Reward Points will not change, they can be updated and claimed at any-time regardless of playing the game, this only applies to the NFT Farms staking and rewards.

This might seem a little harsh, but what it will do is funnel players through the game, forcing them to roll. This will lead to more token burns, and most importantly, it will make staking properties for rent MUCH more valuable.Which is the true spirit of what we are setting out to accomplish. I know we can’t please everybody but making this decision now before we launch is critical and impacts nothing but people’s expectations at this point!.

Additional Distribution Pack

We want to include as many people as possible on day 1. We felt there are plenty of people that would want to play but might be discouraged without an option to try it on the cheaper side. So without disrupting the total supply or the initial pack price, we have shuffled around some quantities to add this new pack.

Po’ Boy Distro Pack

40 Packs available
Cost: 0.25 BNB
62.5 MNOP Tokens
1 NFTs [1 Random card, low odds for all levels above common]

Silver Distro Pack Change

60 Packs available instead of 70

You may think, hmm… “I can get 4 NFTs and the same amount of MNOP for 1 BNB?” This is true, you can get more NFTs per BNB with the Po’ Boy Pack. BUT we’ve made the odds so low for anything but common, you’ll just end up with a bunch of the same common cards! So this isn’t the best way to grow your collection.This pack is meant for people who want to be a part of the project and play the game but don’t want to put in too much to start.


We are really happy with the state of the game and these last few changes help us remove the few concerns we had left about over inflation and participation. We are well on track for our launch and excited to see how this experiment plays out!

About Memenopoly

Memenopoly is the next evolution in gamified yield generation, leveraging the power of NFTs to reward players. Stake up to 26 Property NFTs and roll at least once a day to earn passive income from other players paying rent. Pass go and collect a payday. Land on Chests or the Moon Jackpot for instant rewards and try not to get sent to Pepe Jail! Stake over 20 player NFTs to unlock new players in-game and yield farm LP to earn MNOP rewards as well as reward points to claim exclusive NFTs!

To learn more about Memenopoly and stay up on the latest developments, visit our website, follow us on twitter or join in the telegram conversation. For a deeper look into the game mechanics please refer to our in depth medium article on all things Memenopoly and be sure to Check out our BSC testnet beta to start playing now!



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