Roll Changes, Rent Share Updates and Launch Date!


- Cool stuff will be launching at Midnight 10/2 UTC Time. (Saturday, 8pm EST)
- Unstake your NFTS beforehand.

We’ve been working hard on getting the latest and greatest code deployed. We needed to find a better way to roll the dice, that was still fair, still transparent, and most importantly still secure! We implemented this system in our low stakes game contract and it has been working exactly as planned and we’re ready to move it over to the main game! This is a setting, and can be turned back to the old roll system at any time, but we feel it’s ready for prime time!

We also wanted to re-visit the rent share code, the gas costs were something that a lot of people would like to see reduced, so we re-factored it to use much less gas overall from our testing, and it’s a much cleaner and compact system in general!

The final piece that we wanted to get in this deployment, was introducing a cap on the NFT farms for the total amount you can stake! This will go a long way in both helping control inflation, and letting us really take the gloves off and release some killer NFT sets, worthy of being staked!

Wen launch and how 2 migrate??

I think all the code is ready for us to move forward and I’ve done everything I can to make this as smooth as possible for everyone. This is what you should expect:


There will be an initialize button on the game once we switch the contract. This only has to be called once, and will import your game data from the previous contract if you have any. After that, you’ll need to approve to roll on the new contract, and that is it. you will be right where you left off with cheaper gas and faster rolls!

NFT Farms

This one is a little tricker, but still pretty straightforward! If you have any NFTs staked in the old farm, a new button will show up, allowing you to unstake all of them. Once that’s complete you can stake in the new farms like normal.

The tricky parts are

1) Rewards: We will need to shut off rewards on the old farms, This will mean anyone that has not unstaked when we do this will lose any pending rewards. We will turn off the old rewards 12 hours after we have launched the new contracts.This will give a little grace period, but after that, we need to turn them off or it will be abused and cause more inflation than we want.

2) New farm limitations: We have the code in place to limit the amount of NFTS staked. We feel that 60 NFTS staked is a fair amount, you all have until launch to convince us otherwise :D The only tech reason we would have not to turn it on from my perspective is that the UI still needs a little work, and you can’t manually select the NFTS you want to stake, but I think that’s an easier issue to overcome with app updates than another farm migration! We may still be able to get the UI improved a little bit before launch too!

We are excited to get all of these changes out!! I think it will set a much better foundation for us to grow, reduce the end users costs and increase the fun from AWESOME to AWESOMER!!



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