The Future Has Begun!


New Logo, New Pools and new info have arrived.

The Pocket and Memenopoly merger is going ahead full force bringing investors incredibly exciting and new utility to the new joint project. Together, Pocket and Memenopoly have united to bring together a team of experts, on track to ensure that behind and in front of the scenes, holders are provided with safe, fun, and world-changing developments.

While there is no official launch date for the new merged token and game, both projects have outpaced internal deadlines and will shortly release a massive, yet user friendly cross chain immersive play to earn experience. In the interim, please note that the Core Team is currently working on finalizing the tokenomics, game rewards, and vault shares fairly and fiscally sound.

Despite the TBD launch date, all current $MNOP and $PCKT holders have exclusive access to the joint presale and the ability to purchase special NFT packs only available with the old $MNOP tokens. For those migrating their $MNOP to the new token, prepare yourself for other exciting surprises waiting in the wings, it truly is an amazing time to be a holder!

New Liquidity Pools and NFTs

While they put the finishing touches on their new product, MNOP/PCKT are still moving that ball forward, once again proving time and time again this project is not just talk. In fact, new pools will soon be added to the Liquidity Pool (LP) farms, with new NFTs dropping and NFT rewards refreshed. The new NFTs and their rewards, as referenced below, are exclusive to the NFT rewards; the only way to mint these is to stake and farm in the LP Pools. Some existing Halloween NFTs are being introduced into the NFT rewards to provide players more variety from which to choose.

New Liquidity Pool Staking

For reference, here is a breakdown of the various staking measures that will be available:

New Pools launch on 2/7/2022 @ 9pm EST

$PCKT Single Asset Staking

$PCKT-BNB LP Staking

Details on New NFTs

The remaining two Gold Player NFTs are currently being released, exciting news for existing NFT holders who have waited to complete their sets. These are exclusively available to the LP rewards. Holders will require both cards to take advantage of a complete Gold Set once the NFT farms are back online.

In celebration of the Memenopoly and Pocket merger, a new OP power up will be dropped, cutting tax and utility payments by 75%!* This power up is the only way to complete the Powerup Gen 2 set.

Notes on Available NFTs


  • Rare
  • Player
  • Gold Set
  • Max Supply 100
  • Reward Tier 6


  • Epic
  • Player
  • Gold Set
  • Max Supply 20
  • Reward Tier 9

Merger Power

  • Legendary
  • Power Up
  • 75% off Taxes & Utilities
  • Max Supply 8 (six for rewards, one given to each project)
  • Reward Tier 10

The Halloween NFTs have been added to the main site for easy viewing, please note that if you staked any of the old low stakes board or Halloween board NFTS, it’s imperative that holders unstake them before they can be viewed in-wallet.

The future is bright and this newly merged company is thrilled to take the next step with all Memenopoly and Pocket investors into the Metaverse and beyond.

* NB: this will have no effect on property rent.



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