Wow… How Time Flies!!!


To all those following us here, I have to say, I’m sorry! We’ve been so in the trenches we left our poor blog all lonely! That’s going to change starting right now! That doesn’t mean anything stopped moving along though!

Here are some of the things we’ve done while we’ve been away!

  • Released 2 major contact updates to fight automated bots and implement community ideas, including new power ups and extend rules for inflation control!
  • Released an entire new, low stakes version of the game, with a full, new set of property NFTS
  • Minted 10’s of thousands of NFTS
  • Climbed to the very top of the BSC NFT volume charts
  • Grew our team into double digits
  • Grew our community from under 50 to 2500+ spanning the globe
  • Grew our social presence 10x
  • Have had over 25k rolls, 10k Card Pack sales
  • Have been burning about 47% of our supply, organically through user engagement! Let me repeat that, through user engagement! (that’s almost 1.5 million MNOP gone, with no token tax or silly burn gimmicks!)
  • Our LP has been running at an average of HALF our market cap, proving how effective NFT rewards for LP Farming can be.
  • We have partnered with some amazing projects and have more on the way!

So, what comes next?

We are currently on the verge of releasing further updates to the game and NFT farms that save our players, gas, time and money and give our operational budget much more breathing room!

We also just signed on to have Certik give our code the works and iron out any lingering issues we may have.

And, with the holidays coming up, You might just find your self in for a trick or a treat …. so stay tuned! And always visit our Telegram for the latest info, we are a very active bunch!



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